Olivia Rodrigo: SOUR Album Review

When teen angst meets a pop-fueled love bubble gum

Nostalgic Highschool Dilemma about Love

Rodrigo’s debut album has 11 tracks that almost talk about being heartbroken by a lover that cheated and left the relationship just because of minor inconveniences. Almost all songs have circled about an unhealthy relationship that leaves one individual heartbroken and with trust issues.

Pop-Punk for the Gen Z

Some of Olivia Rodrigo’s songs have a familiar tune from Paramore, especially her song “good 4 u” that elevates the listener’s inner rock star that also boosts confidence and removes insecurities with themselves. Each song has a bittersweet lyrics that motivates the partner who was left behind by a player.

Sad, Insecure, but Still That Girl

Olivia may have given hurtful lyrics to ponder about a relationship, but really, her songs will bring out the confidence in you after a toxic and manipulative relationship that has only gone a short span of time. SOUR also gives a fun tune but somehow, sad lyrics. Every mood of the song within the album changes.

Unidentical Rhythm but Still with The Same Story

Every rhythm of the album’s songs is far different from each other. To mellow, punk rock, to a normal beat. However, it does not strip off the ugly stories about entering a relationship that has a lot of red flags.

Moreover, it still attracted tons of teenagers that have also experienced various relationships which reflects their pain. It was a fun album to listen to and may have a line about capitalism that got my attention. Rodrigo specifically said “Quit my job, start a new life, and they’d all be so disappointed. ‘Cause who am I, if not exploited?”

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