Tom Odell: Monster Album Review

Chaotic, depressive, beautiful - Tom Odell is feeling the blues

More popularly known as Tom Odell, Thomas Peter Odell has recently released his fourth album, ‘Monsters.’ The platinum-selling UK-born singer pours his heart out with 16 new tracks. While his past releases were sappy and romantic, Odell shows a different side with this latest one.

Are Monsters Real?

As an alternative indie artist, Tom Odell finds unique ways to transcend the genre. For this new work of his, the title track bears the same name as the album. But the title track comes in two versions: Monster v.1 and Monster v.2, one of which is acoustic and rawer. It begs a few questions, what is the album about? What or who are these monsters? Most importantly, are monsters real?

“You’re just a monster, and I’m not scared.”

The creative singer-songwriter has indeed put his heart out on his sleeves with ‘Monsters.’ It is without a doubt that their personal experiences inspire many artists to write songs, and we can certainly hear Tom Odell’s life with his recent album.

In an interview, the soloist has opened up about how he has been experiencing panic attacks and anxiety, especially with the world’s current situation under a deadly pandemic.

Odell wrote the title track to feel better with the “monsters” he was feeling, and he did. He said songwriting has always helped him liberate his emotions, which is very obvious with how he wrote the lyrics to the title track. A personal favorite verse of mine in Monster is “You’re just a monster, and I’m not scared.”

Diving Into The B-Sides

Having 16 tracks in the album means there is so much more to listen to than just the title track. The other songs can still be seen as an appeal to Tom’s current struggles with his mental and emotional well-being, with titles such as ‘Problems,’ ‘Numb,’ and ‘Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark,’ to name a few.

Every song has that narrative effect as if Tom Odell is merely talking to listeners like long-time friends catching up. The entire discography is a good mix and match of upbeat and mournful. One song tugs your heart one minute, and the next, you are probably thinking of leading a revolution.

Tom did not only write about his depression. But as well as the many different oppression people are experiencing all over the world, like a subtle commentary on how money is the root of all evil with his song ironically called ‘Money.’ He also shares his lockdown journey with the song entitled ‘Lockdown.’

tom odell money chords
from the song “money”

What Are The London Singer’s Next Plans?

Despite the pandemic, Tom Odell has plans to do a local tour in his country, the United Kingdom. According to his website, the earliest date of his tour starts on the 20th of September 2021. It will be initiated in Brighton and will run for the whole week until the 28th of September 2021, ending in Kingston.

His website also shows tour dates for the following year of 2022. There is still no comment with Odell’s camp if these dates are finalized.

Play “Monster” on Guitar

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