Ed Sheeran: “+” (Plus) Album Review

A legend is born.

Almost marking its 10th anniversary, the + album remains one of Ed Sheeran’s well-loved albums. The + (pronounced as plus) is Ed’s debut album at just the young age of 20. Two singles from the album were dropped and gained massive likes from music listeners worldwide before the complete tracklist was released on the 9th of September 2011.

‘The A Team’ And Ed Sheeran Joining The A-Team Of Soloists

One of the singles Ed Sheeran dropped before the + release was a song called ‘The A Team.’ The song is accompanied by a guitar arrangement, which the singer knows how to play very well.

He wrote the single after visiting a homeless shelter and was told stories of the different struggles of the homeless people. He performed for them, and the lyrics of ‘The A Team’ just kept coming out of his mouth as he was singing.

It was proof enough that Ed was born with the creativity and talent to write lyrics on the spot. ‘The A Team’ is undoubtedly about a prostitute high on “class A” drugs but does the best she can to lay herself off from the addiction. However, addiction can be challenging to fight. Many try to but miserably fail.

Sheeran gained the respect of many people with ‘The A Team.’ People suffering from an addiction, particularly drugs, were able to find comfort with the song. It sparked people to speak up about their struggles, and the community was able to embrace and help them.

Two years after the single’s release, it was nominated for a Grammy Award under the “Song of the Year” category. The Grammys is the most prestigious award given to musicians in recognition of their musical achievements and talents. Even though Ed Sheeran failed to secure the prize, the nomination alone was enough to tell people how skillful he is.

Fan Favorites From The Plus

ed sheeran drunk chordsworld
from the song “Drunk”

The + album has a total of 19 songs. Ed Sheeran has been generous with this album as it is a lot compared to the usual number of tracks in one album. And because there are 19 songs in the album, + gives an overview of the many different pop subgenres Ed could make, such as folk ballad, acoustic, and hip-hop.

Give Me Love’ is one of the most played tracks in the album after ‘The A Team.’ From the title itself. Ed wrote the song about how he is yearning for love but can’t find it. Therefore, he is in agony. Despite the music being a ballad, Ed Sheeran amazes everyone with his vocals.

Another mellow well-loved song from + is ‘Lego House.’ It is a song that uses a lot of metaphors to represent a break-up. Many fans were also shocked to see Harry Potter star Rupert Grint in the music video!

We could tell from the + album that Ed Sheeran might be heartbroken when he wrote most songs. Also evident from other tracks such as ‘Drunk,’ ‘You Need Me, I Don’t Need You,’ and ‘Wake Me Up.’

Play all of the songs off the album, “+” (plus) by Ed Sheeran on Guitar.