John Mayer: Sob Rock Album Review

I bless the hair up John Mayer's head

It has been about four years since we last heard a full-length album from American singer-songwriter John Mayer. Finally, the long wait is over as ‘Sob Rock,’ his eighth studio album, has been finally released. The album has the talented singer gracing the cover and contains ten tracks, some of which were officially released as singles in 2018 and 2019.

A Quick Background On Mayer

John Mayer has been in the music and entertainment industry for two decades now. He was only at the ripe age of 17 when he was discovered for his musical aptitude, excellent songwriting skills, and heavenly vocals.

At the beginning of the year 2001, he finally signed into a record company. Then and there started his fruitful musical career. Mayer’s name was everywhere, and his songs were topping charts worldwide. John Mayer only took two years since signing into a record company to win his first Grammy award.

‘Sob Rock’ Singles That Have Been Released Before The Album

Before John Mayer released the entire album, he dropped a new single to heighten his fans’ anticipation. The single is called ‘Last Train Home,’ written and produced by Mayer himself.

Anyone who has been a long-time fan of the musician can feel that immediate ‘John Mayer’ vibe to the song. The singer-singer writer, who is also known for his mad guitar skills, never missed a beat to show off with his new single.

Other tracks in the album have also been released before, such as ‘New Light’ and ‘I Guess I Feel Like.’ Mayer has performed both songs on different radio shows back in 2018. ‘Carry Me Away’ was also released in 2019.

Nostalgia in ‘Sob Rock’

With John Mayer’s long experience as a musician, it is undoubtedly that the man transcends every genre there is. He has tried acoustic rock, country, blues, pop, and now he is back to rock. He is not dubbed as the “Guitar God” for nothing.

Many critics have reported that they felt nostalgic after listening to ‘Sob Rock.’ Upon hearing the tracks myself, I could finally understand why critics have felt nostalgia. Each song in the album takes you back to the young John Mayer—with his soulful voice and laidback vibe. Most tracks also follow the musical trends that were popular back in the ‘80s. Indeed, John Mayer writes and produces songs that any generation can thoroughly enjoy!

Another thing that makes the American singer and songwriter so popular is he writes songs straight from his heart. His lyrics are very familiar. Many people could relate to his songs—which stem from his personal experiences.

My favorite from the album is the lyrics from the song ‘Til The Right One Comes.’ The line says,

“Some people say I’ll never love someone.

That’s alright, give it time

and maybe I prove you wrong when the right one comes.”

Mayer bravely released ‘Sob Rock’ with his heart upon his sleeve. He deserves to be applauded for everything he has contributed to the music industry.

Play all of the songs off the album, “Sob Rock” by John Mayer on Guitar.

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