Eraserheads: “Circus” Album Review

Circus: the foundation of modern Pinoy music

Iconic Filipino band Eraserhead’s sophomore album “Circus” is indeed one of their most colorful and most enjoyable collections of tracks during their entire career. Aside from the hit songs included in the album, the band also prove to their fans, as well as critics, that they can be creative, inspiring, and entertaining at the same time.

Roller Coaster of Emotions

The title “Circus” is perfect for the album as the songs bring our emotions up and down. Eraserheads included funny and playful songs, such as Punk Zappa, Sembreak, Hey Jay, Alkohol, and more.

But the surprising thing in this album are the soft rock and somehow inspirational songs that the band performed with justice. Who can forget the phenomenal songs With A Smile, Alapaap, Minsan, and Magasin. These songs are made with good beats and melody, but are more remarkable because of the song’s messages which are still relevant decades after its release.

Massive Improvements

Of course, with the success of the debut album of the band, many fans and music enthusiasts are expecting more from the band as they release their second album. From the massive hits in the “Ultraelectromagneticpop!” album, Eraserheads literally erased the doubts of many if they can surpass the success of the first one.

Through the help of the record producer Robin Rivera, the band’s massive improvements were evident in “Circus.” Impressive song arrangements, outstanding songwriting as mentioned earlier, and even the individual performances of each band members made this album as one of the best. Without a doubt, this album made them even more popular and set the standards higher for the music industry and for the band itself.

“Circus” definitely is one of the OPM’s best albums of all time. It doesn’t just define the Eraserhead’s success, but also a huge statement that the music of Filipinos can be as colorful and exciting as a spectacle.

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