This site ChordsWorld.com is for educational purposes only, our aim as a virtual “guitar teacher” is to teach our “students” (random website visitor) on how to play their favorite songs. The lyrics posted in this website are properties of respective artists and labels we do not own and do not claim it as ours. Guitar chords posted on this website is based on our OWN interpretation on how to play the songs on guitar, we do not claim that it is 100% correct or that it is official. If you believe that we’ve violated copyright laws, please email us on our Contact Us page and we will take it down as soon as possible.

List of things ChordsWorld.com provides for our visitors:

  • To teach the guitar chords of a song and nothing more
  • We credit the respective artist by providing the complete song title and artist name on EVERY title of a guitar tutorial that we post

List of things ChordsWorld.com does NOT provide or encourage to our users:

  • Illegal sharing of the respective artists original work or any other parts of a song which is owned by the particular artist and record labels
  • We DO NOT provide links on our website going to other websites containing illegal files that may violate any copyright law

ALL instructional videos that appear on ChordsWorld.com is hosted on YouTube.com we do not keep ANYTHING on our servers that might break respective copyright laws.

The sole purpose why a song’s lyrics are posted on this website is only to provide a better user experience for our “students” (random website visitor) in order for them to learn the guitar chords of a particular song faster and easier.

We will NEVER monetize ChordsWorld.com by sharing illegal music or anything that would break the respective copyright law. We also do not have any desire in working with brands or businesses that seeks to do this.

Why do we need to monetize this site?

It is necessary for us to earn through this website to cover our Domain and Hosting costs and for better musical and recording equipments to provide an even better user experience on our website ChordsWorld.com

You may contact us here.

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