Eraserheads: Ultraelectromagneticpop Album Review

Ultraelectromagneticpop: The 90's OPM Sound Captured Inside A TIme Capsule

The debut album of the OPM band Eraserheads was based on the hit anime series Voltes V. From the famous ultraelectromagnetic top, they successfully made a word play and came up with the iconic album name “ultraelectromagneticpop!” which broke records and dominated the hit charts.

Unbeatable Pop Record

Like the iconic robot, when the album was released, music fans went gaga about the Eheads songs. Undoubtedly, this paved the way for the band’s flight and making a gigantic name in the industry. The album is a mix of Manila sound which is known to be danceable and mood lifter, a bit of The Beatles sound, and of course the playful band music which everyone genuinely enjoyed.

Because of the playful presentation of the hit music genre and influences at that time, they successfully made a mark in the Pinoy pop music industry. Most of their songs in the album are still iconic as of the moment, such as Toyang, Shirley, Ligaya, Pare Ko, and Maling Akala.

Inspiration to Young Musicians

Aside from the success of this debut album, Eraserheads also made an impact as an inspiration to emerging musicians. According to the band, the album is a compilation of their songs written when they were still in college. In fact, ultraelectromagneticpop! was hailed to bring the underground college rock music into the mainstream music.

Although some music experts saw the album as a weak collection of music in terms of the technicalities of sound (guitar sounds are thin, arrangements could be done better), it is still considered as one of the best because it was able to lure many music fans to appreciate indie or underground college music. And it also understandable that there are some weaknesses since it’s an album from a neophyte band which eventually did a successful crossover in the pop scene.

Overall, the ultraelectromagneticpop! is a powerful album—with strong music collection and dominant message that even a newbie can mark a name in the music industry.

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