Lady Gaga: Chromatica Album Review

Back the groove: Lady Gaga returned home via ‘Chromatica’

Years after her hiatus in making disco music, Lady Gaga is now back to prove that she is a name to remember in terms of dance-pop songs and album. Despite being hesitant to release Chromatica because of the pandemic, Gaga still dominated the charts with her electro-pop music that her fans and the world missed for a while.

Same old, brand new

Gaga’s sixth album is reminiscent of her early years as a music icon. The songs, including the song Rain On Me with Ariana Grande, in Chromatica is the reintroduction of Lady Gaga’s image and brand of music and of course the looks.

Although she adds other flavor in her songs, more serious messages and collaborations, listeners can still feel the mixture of pop, EDM, and disco music that we all loved since Gaga’s reign. Other songs also are a mixture of strong beats and old rhythm and blues vibe.

Inspired of Fantasies and Truths

Looking deeper on her songs in Chromatica, Gaga’s songs are obviously danceable, her signature music. But what makes this album a standout from others are the songs which are colorful and based on fantasies. Tracks like “Alice,” “Plastic Doll,” “Sour Candy,” and “Free Woman” are with different beats but evident to be a vagaries of Gaga’s personality.

Also, Gaga’s “911” from the album is a taste of truth. This is her tribute to her medications to battle some mental struggles of the past. This makes the colorful Chromatica album reveal its darker side, which is concealed with upbeat music and Gaga’s bright and priestess looks.

A Queen, No Wonder

Overall, this comeback of Gaga proves that she is still a queen that we all used to know. Although she presented her old self with this album, it still sounded new because it is Gaga’s music and she can make us groove to her music until we can.

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