Taylor Swift: Folklore Album Review

Folklore - An Album of Gigantic Surprises

The country singer-turned-pop star Taylor Swift made a buzz after announcing that she will have a full-length album, 17 hours prior to its release. It was very different from the first seven albums she has made where fans patiently waited for every update and every single to be released.

But aside from the surprise launch, Swift’s eight album has more to offer and will definitely make a mark in the music industry.

Remarkable like a Folklore

Last year, Swift just released her album Lover. Now, months after, she introduced her new bunch of stories and feelings to tell through Folklore. And of course, knowing Swift as a songwriter that delivers poetic music that will hit you to the bones, the Folklore album never fails to give the listener those reminiscent metaphors which will make you crave for more #feels.

Though Swift is a known pop star now, her Folklore album is just a proof that she can explore more heartfelt and exquisite music. Thanks to her musical partners, Bon Iver, Jack Antonoff, and Aaron Dessner for making the album a piano-based, indie pop rock masterpiece.

Tracks, such as “August” “Invisible String,” and “Cardigan” will give listeners that nostalgic feeling of summer love and infatuations. You can also sense that the 30-year-old American singer is now more matured in expressing her similes and allegories.

You can sense in the album a more confident and stronger storyteller Swift. There are more fearless melancholies used, including explicit words. Although Swift always tries to be a singer with advocacy to empower women, in her past albums, she opted to be that “parental guidance” kind of girl. But now, there are much explicit languages which are evident in songs like “the 1,” “the last great American dynasty,” “mad woman,” “betty,” and “peace.”

Shimmering Folklore, Shimmering Swift as Always

But fans should not be worried that Swift is more matured this time. You can still see that shimmering vocals and captivating songwriter from her. From “Love Story,” “You Belong With Me,” and other acoustic wonders she made before, there are still dreamlike music from the album.

Mirrorball” and “Invisible String” are the best uninhibited and illusory music with wonderful instrumentation, reminiscent of sweet waves off the shore. She now let go of her belting-full choruses and now focused on more reflective, wistful, and soft songs.

Evidently the Softest but Definitely the Strongest

Soft percussions and more passionate vocals will summarize the 17-track album. It is not clear if this is intended to give more soothing sound this lockdown, but the surprises of every track is loud enough to say that her pivot to do “rootsy” and emotionally raw album is the best we can have today.

Folklore is also the strongest message that from a teeny sweet country girl, she can make a mark as a singer with a folk, alternative, indie feels. After being bombarded with critiques after her jump from country to pop, now, Swift just shut down all doubters because her latest transition was smooth, remarkable, and near-perfection.

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