Black Like Me

[Intro] F#m A D A – F#m A D A – [Verse 1] A Bm Little kid in a small town D A I did my best just to fit in A Bm

Black Converse

[Intro] G F#m Bm A D G – [Verse 1] G F#m Bm Hey, I found your black Converse A D They made me think of us G And how we wore each


[Intro] Em Dm C B7 – [Verse 1] Em Bm Gonna tell you I adore you (mmmm) Em Bm Gonna ask you to be mine (mmmmm) Em Bm Making plans for the shower

I’ll Sleep When I’m Older

[Intro] D – [Verse 1] D The taste of a cigarette in Paris in Spring Bm Conversation with elders and the wisdom they bring G Sunrise in Georgia as holy choirs sing A

Dance Dance Dance

[Verse 1] Dm Bb C I didn’t call you back, my fault Am Bb Some days I don’t talk at all and Gm7 C Some days I’m just not in the mood Dm


[Intro] D – D F#m G A – D F#m G A – [Verse 1] D F#m G A Siya’y isang hiwaga. D F#m G A Walang tamang hinala. D F#m G A


[Intro] G Bm Em Cm – [Verse 1] G Sabihin mo sakin Bm Kung san ako nagkamali. Em At bakit pinipilit ko pang ibigay ang lahat. Cm kahit ako’y iyong pinagpalit. G Sabihin

More And More

[Verse 1] Bbmaj7 I know I want it C Am ipe bareun sorin ije geumanalge Bbmaj7 Cause I deserve it deserve it Bbmaj7 hokshi jamkkan C Am naega miweojideorado geokjeong an halge Bbmaj7


[Intro] Bm* Em* Was there a lifetime waiting for us Am* In a world where I was yours? [Verse 1] Cmaj7 G Paper planes and porcelain Cmaj7 G Smell of rain through the

Hey Girl

[Verse 1] D Hey girl, Gmaj7 it’s the first time F#m Bm Em I’ve looked at somebody like this D And hey girl, Gmaj7 I’m so nervous F#m Bm Em You look so