You Do You

[Verse 1] Dm Am Who it is that you want me to be I can’t be Dm Am I can only do me Dm Am Gm Am Gm I can only go where

Hurry Home (Beabadoobee)

[Verse 1] Bbmaj7 F You’ve been running ’round my mind for a couple weeks Bbmaj7 F Guess that’s why it’s hard for me to fall asleep Bbmaj7 F Your lips, your lips, your


[Intro] Bbmaj7 Am Gm Bbmaj7 Am Gm – [Chorus] Bbmaj7 Am Gm Sasabay na lang sa alon Bbmaj7 Am Gm Sasabay na lang sa alon Bbmaj7 Am Gm Sasabay na lang sa alon

Bawal Lumabas (Classroom Song)

[Intro] C G Fmaj7 G – [Verse 1] C G Kay gulo gulo ng puso at isipan ko Fmaj7 G Daming sinasabi at nangyayari sa paligid ko C G Tambay sa bahay, nagkalat


[Intro] Gmaj7 F#m Bm – Gmaj7 F#m Bm – [Verse 1] Gmaj7 Honey ajikdo gominhae? F#m Bm Geurae neon josimseureopge Gmaj7 Sugar, spice garyeoboneunde F#m Bm Jonjunghae geu appetite Gmaj7 Omyohan i tensyeon

I’d Do It Again

[Intro] A F#m – [Verse 1] A I rec?ll when you were mine You used to te?ch me how to drive F#m You used to m?ke fun of me when I’d cry D

Broken Glass (Kim Petras)

[Intro] Em G C G – [Verse 1] Em G We were so close to something right C But we’re stupid But we’re stupid G But we’re stupid Em G We could turn

Ur So Fucking Cool

[Intro] Bm A G Bm – [Verse 1] Bm Everybody’s talkin’ bout s*x Everybody’s talkin’ bout ex A Like no one really wants to find a genuine connect G Before they even look


[Intro] C – [Verse 1] C F Ngayon ko lang mararanasan Am G Ang lamig ng gabi na ‘di mo ‘ko kailangan C F Ang bilis, sandali, pwedeng teka na muna Am G

Sour Candy (BLACKPINK)

[Intro] Am Em – [Chorus] Am Em Am Em Am I’m sour candy, so sweet then I get a little angry, yeah Em Am Em Sour candy, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Am