“Last Train Home” by John Mayer Song Review

Grammy awardee of the “Best Male Pop Vocal Performance” in 2003, and about 18 years later, John Mayer comes back and swoons the music industry once again. ‘Last Train Home’ is Mayer’s latest single starring Maren Morris in the music video.

Don’t Be The One To Catch The ‘Last Train Home’

When it comes to the music and entertainment industry, it is no doubt that John Mayer is a household name. He has been writing, arranging, and producing his songs since the early 2000s.

Mayer is well-known to and well-loved by many generations: your parents’ generation, your generation (if you are an early 2000s kid), and the generation after you.

It has been four years since we have heard of a record-breaking song from the talented singer. That’s why many people are over the edge upon hearing that his eighth studio album will be dropping on the 16th of July.

But before we hear a complete set of tracks from Mayer, he has graced us with the early release of ‘Last Train Home,’ a single from his upcoming album called ‘Sob Rock.’

Hearing the ‘Last Train Home’ takes you back to the nostalgic 2000s, especially if you have been a fan of John Mayer for that long. At the beginning of the song, you will immediately notice the singer’s signature—that laidback vibe with just the right amount of showing his incredible guitar skills.

Mayer’s vocals remain to be heavenly, and soon after, you will notice your head bobbing or your feet tapping along to the beat of the song.

About ‘Sob Rock’

‘Last Train Home’ is already loved by many. So what else can we expect from John Mayer’s soon-to-be-released album? His eighth studio album is said to contain ten tracks in total. John wrote all the lyrics to the songs hoping the newer generations could relate to him.

Learn how to play “Last Train Home” on guitar.