REWIND: A Look at Ed Sheeran’s Music Throughout the Years

With Ed’s newest single, “Bad Habits” set to be released on June 25th, which is his first one since the last four years, we thought it’d be great to look back and see how one guy born from the U.K., managed to capture millions of hearts and become one of the best-selling artists of all time.

Sheeran’s Starting Point

Ed Sheeran is a prominent musician throughout the generations of Millennials and Generation Z. He captivated a lot of hearts through his music that gave listeners butterflies and romantic connections to their lovers and crushes. He started as a small and independent musician way back 2004 and has gained fame in 2011.

He became famous in 2011 with his album “The A Team”. He started with playing his guitar and started a YouTube channel, this is where he got fans and got famous too. Ed Sheeran has gained a compliment on Independent newspaper and the famous Elton John.

Sheeran didn’t take a long time to start recording and distributing CDs, and he soon released his first professional EP, The Orange Room.

He moved to London for the summer at the age of 14 because of that achievement and his genuine ambition, and then he played his debut single “The A Team” on the TV music show later with Jools Holland on April 26, 2011.

ed sheeran and taylor swift
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“The A Team” was published as a digital download in the UK six weeksafter. Ed’s debut studio album,+ included the song as the lead single.

Various Albums Throughout the Years

On 2011, (+) or his Plus album was released that contained 12 songs which are the following: The A Team, Drunk, UNI, Grade 8, Wake Me Up, Small Bump, This, The City, Lego House, You Need Me, I Don’t Need You, Kiss Me, and Give Me Love.

His Plus album really got famous after he released it because of the mellow songs, but full of loving lyrics that got the attention of the fans. Many people relate to his lyrics, especially Lego House. It has a message of a relationship that is struggling and an individual is trying to fix their relationship and save it from ending.

Notable Songs of Ed Sheeran

Shape of You, Perfect, Thinking Out Loud, Photograph, Don’t, Lego House, Supermarket Flowers, Tenerife Sea, Galway Girl, Bibia Be Ye Ye, Dive, and Nancy Mulligan.

Most of Ed Sheeran’s Songs are from his + or Plus album due to heartbreaking and loving stories of various relationships. Mostly his songs that become famous, has left a mark on the generation because of its continuous play in the streets.

Sheeran’s songs have various meanings like in his childhood, family, and love relationships. Mostly his songs are about love, and that mainly attracts his fans too. Ed Sheeran also has collaborated with various famous artists like Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars, Camilla Cabello, Nicki Minaj, and others.

Personally, Dive is a great song because of conviction that is evident in his voice. He left a message saying that you should not enter a relationship if you are not ready and to prevent heartbreaks. He dedicates the song to the people who are also afraid of rejections in life. Also Bibia Be Ye Ye, which has a giddy and happy tune that gives a mellow beach vibe for the listeners.

Dissect and Guess: The Minus Album of Ed Sheeran

On May 2021, Ed Sheeran has teased his fans through an instagram post with his picture holding a guitar and saying “somethin cookin”. Fans took this as a teaser from his upcoming album called (-) or Minus album. Ed Sheeran did not say a release date and has not confirmed it yet. Sheerios, the fandom of Ed Sheeran has only guessed that he will release his new album this year, 2021.

Good News, Bad Habits

Ed Sheeran has just released an exclusive sneak peek for his fans to his upcoming new single called “Bad Habits” on TikTok. He released it in advance before the official release of the song in June 25, 2021. Ed Sheeran posted three snippets for Bad Habits consecutively. He will also perform it live virtually on TikTok.

For the cover of Bad Habits, Ed Sheeran has also completely changed his appearance for a reason: to show an image of a person doing bad habits. Over all, I think it is a whole new song that is different from his singles and albums. This release is sending a punk rock or pop rock vibes for his audience and fans.

Ed Sheeran’s Life as a Musician

Ed Sheeran has always been famous for being a red head and his admirable music. He has won three grammy awards and various awards from international and local charts in different countries. This manifests his talent in music and creativity by just using a guitar as a primary instrument for his songs.

Before claiming fame, he got to play in 300+ gigs too. His family is really musically-inclined which is his biggest influencers to his song writing and his career.

Regarding his album, he also got the symbols plus, divide, minus, and multiply tattooed, that is why his fans also came up with the theory of the upcoming minus album that he teased.

A Short Hiatus

Ed Sheeran also had a hiatus in 2019 after his No. 6 collaboration with various artists. Now, he came back with an upcoming album and his single, Bad Habits. He also had a hiatus because he wants to have personal time with his wife and daughter.

Biggest Hits

Ed Sheeran’s biggest hits was Shape of You, Thinking Out Loud, The A Team, Lego House, and Don’t. Don’t was inspired from his ex-girlfriend that ruined their relationship. While Rupert Grint has starred in the music video of Lego House too.

Ed Sheeran may have started into small gigs, but now he’s big and a Grammy-winning artist that captures the heart of the people despite their ages. He does not only talk about romantic relationships, but he also talks about familial love, friends, and other life lessons that he had encountered.

Ed Sheeran’s music throughout the years have transformed into something beautiful and different in his each era. Despite having a family and his short hiatus, he is still going to give his fans brand new music, and show his love through his masterpiece.