“My Universe” by Coldplay x BTS Song Review

Two Legends Team Up for 2021’S Song of the Year

Grammy-award winning pop-rock band Coldplay and international sensation KPOP group BTS surprised people over the world with their recent collaboration. Though rumor mills have been churning over the last few months, no one was really sure. But alas! “My Universe” finally came out as a single of the two legendary music artists we have in this decade.

People are saying no one has seen this collaboration in the making possible. But BTS were and have always expressed their admiration towards Coldplay. SO at one point, ARMYs (fans of BTS) have always wished for the two bands to come together and make music. The impossible happened.

“My Universe” Takes the IM- out of IMPOSSIBLE

As soon as the news of Coldplay and BTS teaming up, the internet went wild and almost broke. Two of the most best-selling bands of all time are collaborating. While Coldplay and BTS are an unusual paring, fans from both sides are ecstatic.

Coldplay has always been known for crafting poetic songs, and even though they are working together with another artist with “My Universe,” they never lost their own touch of style. But of course, BTS also contributed their own style and technique to the song. “My Universe” becomes more sentimental with their unique voices. The new single is as poetic as it can get.

For those who have not heard the song yet (as I am sure it is being played everywhere right now given that two legendary bands are paired together, “My Universe” starts of with a tuneful of pop-rock melody—a style that both groups are known for. The catchy melodious is kept up for most of the song until we hear two members from BTS with their signature rap. It turns up the song even better. The contrast is admirable.

What is “My Universe” All About?

Both Coldplay and BTS are known for their charitable acts, aside from being talented musicians. The two groups have always been vocal with preaching love, unity, and empowerment. This single from them is definitely a catchy and inspiring song about togetherness.

With the pandemic still plaguing the world, “My Universe” is the right cheering everyone needed. The lyrics are poignant and straight to the point, as they are written by members of the two legendary groups themselves. As many fans describe, “My Universe” is a euphoria. It sparks joy. It sparks a unity revolution, especially with the unusual pairing of musicians we have. From their act of collaboration alone, Coldplay and BTS are already showing togetherness—that people can be one in times of hardships even though they are from different parts of the world.

The song itself, along with the team up, is no doubt a powerful message for all their fans and listeners in the world. It applies to everyone, whether young or old, male or female, and whatever social divide there still is. “My Universe” is for everyone in this world who needs to hear something positive.

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