“Our Song” by Anne-Marie, Niall Horan Song Review

Behind “Our Song”

The song entitled “Our Song” basically started with the thought of “this is our song together” whenever a person enters a relationship or treasures a friendship that’s both involved, people decide to choose which song would signify or mirror their connection.

Since everybody will assumably be connected to it, Anne-Marie, in collaboration with Niall Horan, co-wrote the lyrics of the song and later enjoyed the collab despite different music styles.

The Song

Horan started the lines of the song with…

“I’ll be honest, I’m alright with me

Sunday mornings, in my bedsheets

I’ve been waking up alone, I haven’t thought of her for days

I’ll be honest, it’s better off this way”

Which reveals his view on how to deal with breakup, especially accepting its concept which is the very right thing for a person to do.

In the next verse, Anne-Marie sang her part with the same opening with Horan but showed her side of heartbreak. Hence, the song portrayed heartbreak from two different perspectives but would help the listeners go through the same phase.

The Unexpected Collaboration

The fans weren’t expecting it to work this well between two different musical styles in the industry, which turns the tune-up and rolls down the windows. At the same time, this musical piece serves as an inspiration to the listeners.

The Co-composer

Anne Marie Rose Nicholson or popularly known as Anne-Marie, is a singer-songwriter from England. She started her career when she was 12 and had her debut album in 2018, which landed the third spot in UK Albums Chart. In the present times, she is one of the coaches in the famous The Voice UK: Tenth Series.

On the other hand, Niall Horan, a popular boyband One Direction member, is an Irish singer-songwriter. After the concluded singing competition on The X Factor way back in 2010, he earned his popularity by being a One Direction member, which has become popular worldwide.

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