“NDA” by Billie Eilish Song Review

Electro Pop for the Generation Z

Billie Eilish hits back with a new unreleased song called “NDA” that still has the same rhythm or taste from her previous releases. Eilish is known for her electro-pop punk genre that always comes with a deep beat for her songs.

After all, the award winning singer always shows a glimpse of her personal life through her songs, that reflects some of her struggles and experiences in life and in her career.

By the age of 19, of course she had a lot of things to go through and she’s still a teenager, after all, which is obvious with her music genre.

Non Disclosure Agreement

Her new unreleased song talks about a “non disclosure agreement” with someone, which that person will not disclose their relationship or bond to other people because she is having a stalker.

At the age of 17, Billie Eilish has bought a house wherein a stalker had caught her and protected the “pretty boy” for their security and safety. With her song “NDA”, Eilish told the downside of her fame and career where she always had a stalker and she had no privacy that she could not get out of her house.

Fame in Exchange of Security

Because of this song, Billie had exposed her recent experiences in her life as an artist, that a stalker or obsessed fan had gone to her home to ask if she lives there and had a grave effect to her mental health, or added an emotional injury.

Billie always have a deep tone that manifests to her life stories, which also makes her a great artist that appeals to millennials or generation Z. Overall, her new song also had a peculiar tune that spices the message up a little bit, and made her listeners more curious about her.

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