“Bad Habits” by Ed Sheeran Song Review

Bad Habits, Yet Good Music

After a long hiatus, Ed Sheeran finally released his single called “Bad Habits” wherein he mostly talked about his past bad habits on drinking booze and partying non-stop.

He told that whenever he drinks, he always gets back to his vices even though he is trying to fight it. He said that he really wants to change because he had a wife who is pregnant back then, and he needs to take care of her. It is basically a reflection of his vices that he fought so bad to be a good father and good husband.

Yearning But Improving

With his lyrics

“My bad habits lead to late nights endin’ alone

Conversations with a stranger I barely know

Swearin’ this will be the last, but it probably won’t”

means that he badly wants to end his drinking, but he could not stop it.

On the other hand, his lyrics “Nothing happens after two, it’s true, it’s true/My bad habits lead to you” tells about a warning which is an old saying from people that nothing happens good, or it has dangers when it comes to making decisions in life after 2 AM.

Smashing Hit and A Weird But Cool Music Video

Ed Sheeran’s new song has its funky and punk rock tune that also has a weird music video of him being a vampire. It manifests his persona after dark. Ergo, being a vampire whose personality is bad that leads to his title “Bad Habits”.

Additionally, his song is about his past life and overcoming his vices to take care of his wife way back when she was pregnant and continue to end his drinking and partying almost every day. He then gave it up to focus on his family and his health, but obviously did not give up on his music.

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