Capo: 3rd Fret

Lacy Chords

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IntroC...Verse 1LCacy, oh, LAmacy, skFin like puff pCastry
ACren't you the swAmeetest thing on thFis side of HCell?
DCear angel LAmacy, eyFes white as daCisies
Did CI ever tAmell you that I’m nFot doing weCll?
ChorusDmOoh, I care, I care, I cAmare
Like pEmerfume that you wDmear
I linger all the time
AmWatchin', hidden Emin plain sight
DmOoh, I try, I try, I Amtry
But it tEmakes over my lDmife
I see you everywhere
The swAmeetest torture oFne could bFmearVerse 2SCmart, sexy LAmacy, I'm lFosing it lCately
CI feel your cAmompliments like bFullets on skCin
DCazzling stAmarlet, BardFot reincCarnate
Well, arCen’t you the grAmeatest thing to eFver exCist?
ChorusDmOoh, I care, I care, I cAmare
Like riEmbbons in your hDmair
My stomach's all in knots
You Amgot the one thing thEmat I want
DmOoh, I try, I try, I Amtry
Try Emto rationalDmize
People are people, but
It's lAmike you're made of aFngel dFmustInterludeC....Am.....F....C.
C....Am.....F....C.OutroLCacy, oh, LAmacy, it's like yFou're out to gCet me
YCou poison eAmvery little thFing that I Cdo
LCacy, oh, LAmacy, I juFst loathe you laCtely
And CI despise my jAmealous eyes and how hFard they fell for yCou
Yeah, CI despise my rAmotten mind and how mFuch it worships yCou

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