Artist Placholder

It’s Easy

Capo: none
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C.......F.VerseYou drove Cthrough the night
No doubts or fFaith
But now I tCake my time
'Cause it's there to wFaste
But it's Amhard to fGeel like it's Fokay all the time
So fAmar, I rGeally can't Ftell
ChorusBut someCtimes it's Feasy
And I cCan't pass every Fday
That Cland of Phoenix
Early morning fiending
I could cFount the reasons on a single finger
But it's aCll I'm needing, I just want to see it
Like a Ftrain wreck, keeping me awake from workin'
It's hAmard to fGeel like it's oFkay all the time
So fAmar, I reGally can'tF tellChorusBut somCetimes it's Feasy
I caCn't pass every dFay
Yeah, there's Ctimes when it'sF easy
But I caCn't pass every daFy

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