Artist Placholder

A Small Village

Capo: 4th Fret
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G...D...C..Verse 1The fGirst thiDng I noCticed
When you walked Gin.D.
Was youCr smile
A grGin that could ligDht up a rCoom
Or a house
Or a small vGillage.D.
Without having to trCy
Verse 2Then yGou loDoked my wCay
I didn’t know what to dGo..D.
So I juCst waved
I thoGught it was awkwDard
But you seCemed to like it
Cause you came oGver.D.
Just to sCayRefrainDDo I know you
Cus you fCeel familiar
In the sDense
That I can breCathe
When you’re nDear
Can I show you
What I mCean
when I say
You remDind me of the moon.C.
In the prettiest way
InterludeG...D/F#......C..In the prettiest way
G...D/B.....C..Verse 3G..I wasn’t sure
What to thCink
When you said your fGavourite film
Was spirited awaCy
G..It’s a bit funny
How it eCnded up that way
Cause I lGove that one too
I thought I should sCayRefrainDDo I know you
Cause you seCem familiar
In the sDense
That I can seCe
When you’re nDear
Can I hold you
And repeCat what you said
You remDind me of the moCon
In the prettiest wayOutroG...D/F#......C.In the prettiest way
G...D/B.....C..In the prettiest wGay..D/F#.......C.
In the prettiest waGy..D...C.

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