Samia guitar tabs with strumming patterns for ukulele and piano chords


Capo: none
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G....A....G....A.Verse 1LGast time I was drunk in MinnAeapolis
I swGore I wouldn't end up here agAain
EssGentially, the drunkenness just hAappens
In mGinutes from the moment that you lAand
Pre-Chorus'Cause you gotta aBmct like
AIt doesn't spBmin you out
AThat no one's sBmaying
AWhat they're tBmhinking 'boutA..ChorusGOf course, I brought an elAephant
GTo the most delicate plAace
You cGannot make everyone hapApy
BGut you can force a smile on their fAace
Just place your fBmingers
AOn each side of their mBmouths
AAnd pull towards HBmeaven
AUntil th?ir tBmeeth peak outA.
I reset my tGoleranceA..
Now it's easier tGo fail the aAudience
If you caGll on me, I wiAll pray for a fBmire drill.A.
OutroIf you Bmcall on me, I wiAll pray for a fBmire drill.A..
And pull towards HBmeaven.A.
Until their tBmeeth peak outA.

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