Samia guitar tabs with strumming patterns for ukulele and piano chords


Capo None

G 320003
A x02220
Bm x24432

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G   A   G   A
G   A   G   A

[Verse 1]
 G                           A   
Last time I was drunk in Minneapolis
    G                            A
I swore I wouldn't end up here again
   G                               A  
Essentially, the drunkenness just happens
    G                                A
In minutes from the moment that you land

'Cause you gotta act like
A            Bm 
It doesn't spin you out
A              Bm
That no one's saying
A             Bm           A
What they're thinking 'bout..

G                         A
Of course, I brought an elephant
G                      A
To the most delicate place
     G                      A
You cannot make everyone happy
 G                                  A 
But you can force a smile on their face
Just place your fingers
A                      Bm
On each side of their mouths
A                 Bm
And pull towards Heaven
A            Bm           A
Until th?ir teeth peak out.
            G       A
I reset my tolerance..
                 G           A         
Now it's easier to fail the audience
         G             A              Bm        A
If you call on me, I will pray for a fire drill..

       Bm              A              Bm        A 
If you call on me, I will pray for a fire drill...
                  Bm    A
And pull towards Heaven..
             Bm           A
Until their teeth peak out.

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