Artist Placholder


Capo 1st fret

C x32010
G 320003
D xx0232

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Verse 1
New year of '1C3
Sat on the roof of your one-bed apartment, stared at the cGity
Oh, London, you're pretty
The way that you hCeld me
Tight like I'd leave in a slip of the wind, it felt like the Gfuture
Thought I'd never lose ya
I was fCree, free
I was fGree
Verse 2
Forward to '2C
Both of us screaming alive at each other, "Get out of Gmy house"
"I'm done with you now"
Said I never loCved you
But I always loved you
And I'll always lGove you
I was fCree, free
I was fGree
FrCee, free
I was free
Verse 3
I'm nervous to sCay it
Not one to sleep with a stack of regret, but I'm sorry Gwe got here
I wish I'd done more to save us
Shoulda killed you with kCindness
Swallowed your tears when your eyes opened wide, but I'm drawing in Gdarkness
I wish I could stop it
And be fCree, free
I was frGee
FCree, free
I was fGree
C.I wish I was (I wish I was), I wish I was, I wish I was Gfree (I wish I was), mm
C.I wish I was, I wish I was, I wish I was fGree
Oh, the GdevilD9;s in
And I'm dying, yeah
OpposiGtes attract
What the Dhell is that?
Oh, the Gdevil&#0D39;s in

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