Artist Placholder

Letter To Ur N(ex)t

Capo None

Gm7 353333
Am7 x02010
Bbmaj7 x13231
Dm7 xx0211

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Gm7   Am7   Bbmaj7
Gm7   Am7   Dm7
Gm7                     Am7
Let me introduce myself properly
Though it's clear, you already heard about me
        Gm7                                Am7           
When he told you 'bout the breakup, did he blame me? Mm
...Did he tell you I was crazy?
           Gm7                         Am7                   Bbmaj7  
But did he tell you all the times that he broke my heart and,...broke my mind?
No, I bet he didn't
Am7                          Dm7
...I bet he told you that he isn't a bad guy
     Gm7                       Am7
Now, truth is he never started out like that
He was kind and attentive, and just my man
Gm7                          Am7   
...Then one day he said he'd be right back
Dm7                                 Gm7
...But then he never came back around..
And he never told me why
Never gave an explanation, not a text, not a, "Goodbye"
        Gm7                        Am7  
Not a, "Sorry", not a, "Love you", not anything
So respectfully
I don't owe you anything but
Woman to woman
You gotta run, baby, just like I wouldn't
Gm7                  Am7              Dm7
You gotta go, baby, just like I couldn't
                               Gm7                    Am7
Before you're caught in this drama, drama, drama, drama
I don't wanna sound like a *****, no, I don't wanna
                         Gm7                         Am7
But if you carry on like this, you gon' get your karma
Take it from a girl who's already been through the trauma
                       Gm7                       Am7
So I'll stop with the textin', callin', showin' up
I think you know what he's doin' and that ain't showin' love
              Gm7                         Am7
So stop now, baby, don't let him make you crazy like me
Dm7                                   Gm7 
You still got enough time to leave, yeah

Am7  Bbmaj7  
Gm7   Am7  Dm7  
Gm7   Am7  Bbmaj7 
Gm7   Am7  Dm7  

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