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Your Other Life

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G....F....G.Verse 1GI won't be the one to say
You'll neFver come back again though I don't thGink you will
GI won't be the reason why
You sFtay until you're dead although I hGoped you would
G....F....G.Refrain 1BbI know what you've dCone
And I know wGho you've been drFeaming of
BbI know where you Cgo in the dead of niGght
BbYou don't get to Cbe the one
Who's yoGung and wild and Fin love
BbYou don't get to liCve your other liGfe
Verse 2GI don't need to hear you say
You'll nFever go wrong again because I kGnow you will
GI don't need the reasons why
You've dFone the things you did because it's ovGer with
GI won't waste another day on yFou
I've played the fool, I guess that's pGart of love
GI won't shed another tear
I've nFothing left to feel and now I've sGaid enoughInstrumentalG....F....G.
G....F....G.OutroBbI just came to sCay that I will nGever forget yFou, dear
BbI cannot forgCive your awful lGies
BbWhat I say todCay will be the vGery last woFrds you hear
BbYou don't get to lCive your other lGife

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