Artist Placholder

Full Size Render

Capo None

D xx0232
D7 xx0212
G 320003
Bm/G# xx6777
Gm 355333
Bm/A x00202
Bm/A# x10302
Bm x24432
F#m 244222
Caug x32110

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D     G    D

[Verse 1]
..Read your secret, I could hold it towards the light and now my phone rings
I’m never up to hear the birds sing
do you really need me when you call?

D                                  G
Joni, why can’t we forgive and forget?
Cause I’ve been sticking out my neck

..Tangled up in family ties
                           G   Gm
I guess he’s always on my mind...
I guess we won’t see eye to eye

D   D7   G   D

[Verse 2]
D                        Caug
..You cut me out like a summary from a hand me down situation 
From the eaves down to the basement
From the drive down to the beach 

D                                 G
Joni sweetly, why can’t we make amends?
Well you’re just waiting on that chip.

F#m                       D
..In our blood and in the sand
F#m                                       D
..I called your bluff and you played your hand 
F#m                       Bm  
..A last goodbye is never planned, 
             Bm/A#          Bm/A
Now you're tangled In your lies
          Bm/G#         G   Gm 
Was never one to sacrifice....
I guess we won’t see eye to eye

D   D7                          G    D
....I guess we won’t see eye to eye....

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