Artist Placholder

The Couple Across The Way

Capo: none
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A...E...A...E..VerseBAabe, it feels like iEt's all happened
TAwenty-three years oEf the same
AAnd I'm sorry 'boEut this morning
FAor the damage EI will pay
VerseAAll the mirrors fEace the walls and
AI wake just to loEng for bed
LAove what's got you Eso down low?
The sAaddest tongue is Ein your headInterludeA...E...A...E..
VerseAI forget the thrEill of lies
The trAuth escaping thrEough the eyes, now
AYou use voices Eon the phone
That oAnce were spent on mEeVerseThe woArld has changed beyEond our doorstep
PeoApl? talk and drEess so strange
AI don't know a neEighbour's nam?
And aAll of life is reEarrangedVerseNAice to know that yoEu're still caring
WAell enough to raEise your voice
But iAf we must bring uEp the past then
PlAease don't speak to mEe of choiceInterludeA...E...A...E..
A...E...A...E..OutroAcrAoss the way moved Ein a pair
With paAssion in its prEime
MAaybe they look throEugh to us
And hoApe that's them in tEime

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