Artist Placholder

Why Not?

Capo: 1st fret
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IntroA.....Verse 1SprAeading out
A blDanket you bought as a rAug
You're hDolding on to threading
Hoping you caAn find some love
In the comfDort
Of a walked on rehAash..E....D.
The sun is cAoming down
The hDeat will start to?fAollow
So?now's?your chDance
ChorusSo I?Esay
"Hey F#myou
Why not?work Don it?
Like we uAsed to"BmVerse 2TAurn it up
And lDet the middle cone blast
I look the Aother way
And sDee you cracking up and laugh
With your hAand out
And your phone lit
D..You're smoking again
A..Sedentary rDepetition
Pre-ChorusOh, I wAanna be
So much more this
Oh, I wDanna feel
Like our way to fall
But it dAoesn't seem it's happening
No, it dDoesn't seem it's happeningChorusSo I sEay
"Hey F#myou
Why not work on Dit?
Like we uAsed toBm"
So I sEay
"Hey F#myou
Why not work on Dit?
Like we uAsed toBm"OutroE....F#m......D.

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