Artist Placholder

Red Moon

Capo: none
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IntroD....C....G..Verse 1RDed moon rising like a fCire in mGe
So many quDestions, she asks them aCll to meG
I have to aDnswer most cCuriouslyG
Scarlet aDngel, I am tooC small to seGe
Earn eDarn, shuffle round the bCig cityG
Burning the rDubber down, crossing the hCot concretGe
I'm gonna leDave town, there is sComeone to meetG
She turns her hDead around a full threCe-sixtyG
D....C....G..Verse 2BDedroom rising from an oCld growth trGee
Bringing out the sDawmill, cutting the twCelve-inch beamGs
Building a paDttern, the reservoir to fCill with dreamGs
Rings like SDaturn telling their oCld storGy
WDindmills turn and turn etCernallyG
What do you yeDarn for? Where do you lCong to beG?
I've been hDere before, looking at the wCild countrGy
Open the screDen door, talking with DCiane LeGe
That's my grandma!
D....C....G..Verse 3RDadio singing from the cCorner of the kGitchen
I got the oDven on, I got the oCnions wGishing
They hadn't mDade me cry, filling the sCink with dGishes
Letting them aDir dry, waiting for the wCind's permGission
TDoo many movies got me shCivering and shGy
Turning the lDights out, glistening in the oCwl's eyGe
Glimmer like lDightning under the vCiolet skGy
Shimmer like dDiamonds, watching the rCed moon risGe

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