Artist Placholder

Desert Island Disk

Capo None
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GNow as I go upon my way
DSo let me go upon my way
EmBorn of a light
CBorn of a light
GThe wind rushing round my open heart
DAn open ravine
EmWith my spirit light
CTotally alive
And my spirit light
GThrough an open doorway
DAcross a street
EmTo another life
CAnd catching my reflection in a window
GSwitching on a light
DOne I didn?t know
EmTotally alive
CTotally released
GWaking, waking up from shutdown
DFrom a thousand years of sleep
EmYeah you, you know what I mean
CYou know what I mean
You know what I mean
GStanding on the edge of you
DYou know what I mean
EmYou know what I mean
CYou know what I mean
GDifferent types of love
DDifferent types of love
EmDifferent types of love
CAre possible
GAre possible
DAre possible
EmAre possiCble

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