Artist Placholder

Back It Up

Capo: 1st fret
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Verse ICGirl, your body is Gtimeless, Amyeah
FGirl, your body got me like
COh, my gosh; Goh, my god
AmOh mama.F.
And you're Cmakin' me earn Git, yeah
AmGirl, you're makin' me earn it
FOh, my gosh; oh, my god
Oh mamaPre-ChorusAin't Cnothin' Gfake on you
AmYou so so real (so Freal)
Try Cplayin' coGol
But can't Amhelp how I Ffeel
ChorusI Clove it when you Gdrop it dowAmn
Baby, Fback back back it upC....G....Am.....F.
You Cturn around and Gmake it bouAmnce
Baby, Fback back back it Cup..G....Am.....F.

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