ed sheeran easy guitar chords tabs acoustic version


Capo: none

For the last line of the pre-chorus, check the chords guide above on how to play G, A, C. These chords are exactly how Ed plays it live. And it sounds awesome because it kind of builds up the chorus. 🙂

I put it as G* A* C* so you have know when to play these modified chords.

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Verse IG I wanna be drunk when I wake up
G On the right F#/Dside of the Em7wrong bed
And never an excuse I made up
Em7 Tell you the truth I hate What
Cadd9 didn't kill me
It Cadd9never made me stronger at Gall...Cadd9.........G....F#/D....
G Love will scar your make-up, lip sticks to me
So F#/Dnow I maybe lean Em7back there
I'm sat here Em7wishing I was soberCadd9
I know I'll never Cadd9hold you like I used toG......Cadd9.........G....F#/D....Pre-ChorusBut a Em7house gets cold when youCadd9 cut the heating
GWithout you to holdDsus4 I'll be freezing
Em7 Can't rely on my Cadd9heart to beat in
'GCause you take parts of it Dsus4every evening
Em7Take words out of my mouCadd9th just from breathing
GReplace with phrases liDsus4ke when you're leaving G*me.
Should A*I, should C*I?
ChorusMaybe I'll get Emdrunk aGgain
I'll beEm drunk aGgain
I'll beEm drunk aGgain
To feel a little Cadd9love....Dsus4.....Verse IIG I wanna hold your heart in both hands
G Not watch it fizzle at the F#/Dbottom of a Coke canEm7
And I got no plans for the weekend
Em7So should we speak then
Keep it between friends
Cadd9 Though I know you'll never love me like you used toG......Cadd9.........G....F#/D....
G There may be other people like us
G Who see the flicker of the F#/Dclipper when they light up
Em7Flames just create us but burns don't heal like beCadd9fore
And you don't hold me anymGore...Cadd9.........G....F#/D....
Pre-ChorusOn Em7cold days cold plays Cadd9out like the band's name
G I know I can't heal Dsus4things with a hand shake
Em7 You know I can't changeCadd9 as I began saying
G You cut me wide Dsus4open like landscape
Em7 Open bottles of Cadd9beer but never champagne
GTo applaud you with the Dsus4sound that my hands makeG*.
Should A*I, should C*I?ChorusMaybe I'll get Emdrunk aGgain
I'll beEm drunk aGgain
I'll beEm drunk aGgain
To feel a little Cadd9love....Dsus4.....BridgeEm All by myGself
I'm here again
Em All by myGself
You know I'll never change
Em All by myGself
Cadd9 All by myEmself
I'm justEm drunk aGgain
I'll beEm drunk aGgain
I'll beEm drunk aGgain
To feel a little Cadd9love....Dsus4.....

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