Daughtry – Long Live Rock And Roll Chords

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       C9                  B/D
And we stand here in their memory
             A7sus4               G
'Cause their songs, they still survive
   C9                  B/D
So throw your lighters up
              A7sus4          G
And, darling, sing with me tonight. Come on!

[Chorus (2x)]
 Long live rock,
 Long live roll
C9         B/D             A7sus4                    G
 Long live big guitars and music for the soul, Saying
Don't give up,
 don't grow old
C9         B/D              A7sus4
 Long live crazy nights and records made of gold
          C9    B/D  A7sus4
Long live rock  and  roll
Credits to: https://chordsworld.com/

Keep Rocking!