Duffy – Dear Heart Chords


Em   022000   B   x24442
Bm   x24432   C   x32010
Am   x02210   D   xx0232
G    320033   

[Verse I]
Em          Bm
He brings in sorrow
        Em               Am
To know i, won’t be there
Tomorrow, as he walks his life for her to admit
 He’s gotta understand
B               Em
 I’m gone, dear heart
It brings a misery
            Em          Am                  G
To know that he doesn’t ring door high end store
            Am         B
No sacrifice will suffice
[Chorus] Em Dear heart, G C then I go and wonder why A D I sit alone and act right B Em D He’s lying, I was nothing more C Than another score B Em Dear heart
[Verse II] Em Bm It gives me no reason Em I slumber as I count Over and over Am G The numbers you pleaded forever Am B Em Now it’s never for me and my dear heart Bm Em Am G Am B Dear heart [Chorus] G Like a fool C I played the part A D Then you poured and break my heart B Em D With that wound that got news for you C We’ll be through B Em You and my dear heart Bm Em Dear heart