Depeche Mode – Heaven Chords

Capo on 1st Fret || Tuning: EADGBe (standard)

Am    x0221x      Dm    xx0231
Am/G  3x221x      C     x32010
D/F#  2x023x      F7    1312xx
F6    1x323x
*It sounds better in the VERSE if you don't
 strum/pick the high e string (thinnest)

Am - Am/G - D/F# - F6  x2

[Verse I]
Am            Am/G   D/F#
 Sometimes I slide away
Am        Am/G      D/F#
 I slowly lose myself
Over and over
Am            Am/G     D/F#
 Take comfort in my skin
Am          Am/G     D/F#
 Surrender  to  my  will
Forever and ever
[Chorus] *For the lead part, remember, there is a capo on the 1st fret, so that means the note in here is actually 1 step higher. Example, 3h5 is actually 4h6 if there is no capo. *Same time as Dm e|-----------------| B|-----------------| G|-----------------| D|------------2-0~-| A|-----3--3-5------| E|-3h5-------------| Dm C Am *** I dissolve in trust Dm C Am *** I will sing with joy Dm C Am *** I will end up dust F7 Im in heaven
Am - Am/G - D/F# - F6 x2 [Verse II] Am Am/G D/F# I stand in golden rays F6 Radiantly Am Am/G D/F# I burn a fire of love F6 Over and over Am Am/G D/F# Reflecting endless light F6 Relentlessly Am Am/G D/F# I have embraced the flame F6 Forever and ever [Chorus] Dm C Am *** I will scream The Word Dm C Am *** Jump into the void Dm C Am *** I will guide the hurt F7 Up to heaven Am - Am/G - D/F# - F6 x2