Artist Placholder

Jericho Beach

Capo: none
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IntroA.....Verse 1AI grew up when TV changed
Jesus saves and runs away
F#mCarson got his fifteen minutes
For being friends with the kid who did it
And DI have dreams where I'm still trying to park at Jericho BeacAh
Pre-ChorusF#mI got out and ran away
DNobody came, nobodyChorusF#mAfter all thDis waiting
SeAismic renoE/Abvation
F#mGutted out the wDhole thing
But kAept the preE/Absentation
So DI figured I could probably do the saAme
InterludeA....Verse 2You pAick me up, it's far away
You need me for the carpool lane
F#mI'm obsessed with what you're saying
TDake me out tonight is playing
And F#mI can't believe you and Dyou won't convince me either wAayPre-ChorusF#mI'll be yours until we're dead
DYou said it first, you saidChorusF#mAfter all thiDs waiting
AI was gonna E/Absave it
F#mI was only prDactice
AYou were gonna E/Abwaste it
So F#mI figured I should
WDake up and walk home
But the pAavement is a portal
Then I'm sEixteen and I don't know
How to hF#mandle being mortal
Being rDivals on the ride home
Staying sAomeone that you don't know
But I'm sE/Abtill tryingPost-ChorusAnd I'm F#mstill tryiDng
And I'm stAill tryE/Abing
And I'm sF#mtill tryiDng
And I'm stAill tryiBmngChorusI thought you wAanted me this way
(I thought you wDanted me this way)
(I thought you wA/C#anted me this way)
(I thought you wBmanted me this way)

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