tom odell strumming pattern with tabs


Capo 4th Fret

Em 022000
Bm x24432
A x02220
D xx0232
G 320003
Am x02210
B x24442

Hi!! Just want to let you know that you may or may not play the last chords of the very last part of this song if you want. That’s all!! Enjoy!!

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Verse 1
I talk to Emgirls, I talk to Bmboys
They like the Emsound of my naked Bmvoice
AI tell my Dsecrets to stay empAloyed
But it’s only nBmoise, it’s only Gnoise
Verse 2
I watch the Emnews and it watches Bmme
And you gotta Emchoose which liar to beBmlieve
ASometimes I’m Dangry but I keep my Apoise
It’s only Bmnoise, it’s only Gnoise
Verse 3
They sell me Emdreams, they sell me Bmdoubts
They sell me Emthat thing we just talked aBmbout
AThey pull the sDtring back, I make a Anoise
We’re only Bmtoys, it’s only Gnoise...
Verse 4
It’s getting Emlouder, it’s only Bmwords
It’s only Emgun shots they use to scare the Bmbirds
AI put my Dhands on my ears, I keep my Apoise
It’s only Bmnoise, it’s only Gnoise
It’s only Dnoise, it’s only Amnoise
It’s only Bnoise, it’s-

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