The Monkees – I Wanna Be Free Chords

  • Artist: The Monkees
  • Song: I Wanna Be Free
  • Album: The Best of The Monkees
  • Release Date: 2008-07-01
  • Genre: album rock, beatlesque, bubblegum pop, classic rock, folk rock, mellow gold, rock-and-roll, singer-songwriter, soft rock, sunshine pop
  • Key:
  • Tempo:
  • Time Signature: /4
  • Mode: Unknow
  • Recommended Tuning: EADGBe (Guitar)
  • Recommended Tuning: GCEA (Ukulele)

When did The Monkees release I Wanna Be Free?

I Wanna Be Free was released on 2008-07-01

Capo: none

F // x3321z

It’s better if you pluck the chords for the whole song.

Strumming Pattern: D = Down, U = Up, - = pause
Strumming Pattern #1 - D D U D U D
Strumming Pattern #2 - D D D D D D D
Strumming Pattern #3 - D U D D - D U

It’s better if you pluck the chords for the whole song.


I wanna be fGree
like the Cbluebirds flying Gby me,
like the Cwaves out on the Gblue sea.
CIf your love has to Bmtie me, don't Amtry me, say good-Fbye..D.
I wanna be Gfree
don't say you Clove me, say you Glike me.
But when CI need you beGside me, stay Cclose enough to
Bmguide me, conAmfide in me..whoa..wFoh..D.ChorusI wanna Bmhold yur hand..walk aAmlong the sand,
laughing Bmin the sun, always Amhaving fun.
Doing Bmall those things withAmout any strings
to tie me Fdown.D.
I wanna be Gfree
like the Cwarm September Gwind, Babe.
Say you'll Calways be my Gfriend, Babe. we can Cmake it
to the Bmend, Babe. agAmain, Babe. I got to sFay..D.
I wanna be Gfree
C I wanna be fGree
C I wanna be fG*ree

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