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Capo: none
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IntroC.........Verse 1I’m hCeavy
I’m Cby your side
ForgCet me ’cause I knGow what I need, like a loser like me could be fine
I’m hCeavy
AClone inside
Don’t tCell me what I wantG, what I need, like a loser like me will be fine
Pre-ChorusF...MFaybe GI’m G#liv--Bbing iCn.. Dmy Chead
F...MFaybe GI’m G#liv--Bbing Cto prDeteCnd
F...MFaybe GI.. G#wa--nBbna stCay iDn bCed
Far from the weigGht of the world in my hands cause they don’t understandInstrumentalC.............G...........
ChorusIs someone telling me dFon’t get in the water?
What have I dAmone?
I don’t wanna get lFost inside the color under my tAmongue
Dm‘Cause I don’t wanna be in lFove with another
Even in another Amlife
Em..Can someone tell me it’s aFlright to be covered
Underneath the covers, but AmI
No, I dDmon’t need to sleep anymoCrePre-ChorusF...IFs someoGne G#bang--Bbing aCt mDy doCor?
F...WFhen I juGst G#wa--nBbna bCe.. DaloCne?
F....FIs someoGne G#bangBbing Cat Dmy dCoor?OutroCIs someone banging at my dCoor
CWhen I just wanna be alCone
CIs someone banging at my doCor, door, door, door?
CDoor, door, door, door, at my dCoor
Is someone banging at my doCor?
‘Cause I just wanna be alCone
Yeah, I just wanna be alCone
I just wanna be alCone
Yeah, I just wanna be aClone

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