The Lettermen – The Way You Look Tonight Chords

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No CAPO || Tuning: EADGBe (standard)

E    022100
Em   022000
F#m  244222
F#   244322
F    133211
G    320033
C    x32010
C#m  x46654
B7   x24242
Bm7  x24232
Em - - C - B7
Em - - C - B7

E    C#m  
Some day,
F#m               B7
when I'm awfully low,
E                C#m
And the world is cold,
F#m          B7                 E  C#m
I will feel aglow just thinking of you
F#m              B7     E  G  F#
And the way you look toni-----ght.
 F      E  C#m
You're lovely,
F#m                 B7
With your smile so warm
E                  C#m
And your cheeks so soft,
F#m              B7             E   C#m
There is nothing for me but to love you,
F#m              B7      E     F  G  F  E
Just the way you look tonight, wo wo wo wo

G          Em       Am7        D7
With each word your tenderness grows,
G           Em     Am7  D7
Tearing my fears apart
G         Bm7        Am7          B7
And your laugh that wrinkles your nose,
Em                 B7
Touches my foolish heart. You're
E   C#m
F#m         B7
 And never, never change.
E          C#m
 Keep that breathless charm.
F#m                 B7
Won't you please arrange it?
         E   C#m      
Cause I love you,
F#m               B7     E  G  F#
Just the way you look toni-----ght.
     F         (Pause)    E
The way you look       toni-----ght.
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