the 1975 guitar chords acoustic easy


Capo: 7th Fret
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Verse 1FBite your face to sGpite your Cnose
F17 and a Ghalf years Cold
FWorrying aGbout my Cbrother finding out
Where's the Ffun in doing Gwhat you're Ctold?Pre-ChorusI said "FYo"
"Oh Ggive it a rest, CI could persuade you"
"I'm not your Ftypical, stoned 1G8 year old give me a Cnight I'll make you"
"I know you're Flooking for salvation in the Gsecular age, but girl I'm Cnot your savior."
FWrestle to the Gground
God Chelp me now because
ChorusThey're just Fgirls Gbreaking heartsC
EyesF bright, Guptight, just girlsC
But she Fcan't be what you Gneed if she's 17C
They're just Fgirls
Just GgirlsVerse 2A Cpair of frozen hands to Fhold,
Oh she's so Csouthern so she feels the Gcold,
FOne moment I was Gtearing off your blouse,
FNow you're living in my Ghouse.
What happened to just messing Garound?
Pre-ChorusI said, F"Yo, I Gthink you better go I can't take you."
"You just Fsit and get stoned with G30 year olds and you think you've made it."
"Well Fshouldn't you be f**king with somGebody your age instead of making changes?"
WrFestle to the ground
GGod help me now becauseChorusThey're just FgirlsG breaking hearts
EyesF bright, uGptight, just girls
But she Fcan't be what you Gneed if she's 17
They're just Fgirls
They're just Ggirls

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