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Verse 1I dGon't have much to sCay
I Emdon't have love to gDive
I'm oGld I feel that wDay
I told don't pEmarty like I dDid
And I sGold somethCing
To the dEmevil I never mDet
And I wGonder
about Ceveryone
I wEmonder
How you dDidChorusSClip into my Emheart alDone
SlCipped out of hEmere a ghDost
You'll Calways
Be there
Until I don't knGow
Verse 2My mGind Is brCoken
Like a sEmeason
Nature skDipped
Like a dGog
That doesn't eCat
Those ciEmgarettes
You never kiDcked
Like a bGaby
That won't stop crCying
UnEmtil it sees yDouChorusSlCipped into my hEmeart alDone
SlCipped out of hEmere a ghDost
You'll aClways
Be there
Until I don't Gknow
BridgeIt haFppens
I told you
'Cause I lD7oved you enough
I drFeamed
So many things
But drD7eams don't do just
And I lFost
So many
To the cD7ity that has to eatChorusAnd I slCipped into my Emheart alDone
I slCipped out of Emhere aDgo
You'll Calways be thDere
Until I don't kGnow

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