Juanita (Willie Nelson)

Capo None

C x32010
G 320003
C7 x35353
F 133211

scroll Autoscroll 0 1 2
G   C

[Verse 1]
                     C               G
There's an ocean of stars hoverin' over me
                      G                    C
I lay under them dreamin', your face all I see
                  C C7                F
I'm caught up in fever and shiverin' too
            C                       G                 C  C7
All that's keepin' me alive is the thought of losing you...
F                                 C
Juanita when I found you I was at my end
            G                     C 
So hold on Juanita, I'll find you again

[Verse 2]
             C             G
You are the ocean, I am a grain of sand
             G                   C          C7
In waves of motion a violent and craven man...
                     F                              C
But the day that I found you, one washed over the stone
         C             G                  C   C7
Sun came up, soft blue eyes and the moon........

[Verse 3]
 F                                  C
Juanita, where'd your Mama get that name?
               G                                    C  C7
There's no senoritas from the mountains where you came...
                  F                            C
And if I ever saw one, she wouldn't be pretty as you
                    G               C 
With black hair so long, soft eyes so blue

C  G  G  C  C7 
F  C  C  G  C  C7
F  C  G  C  C7
F  C  G  C  C7

    F                                      C 
Juanita, I'll search the world 'til you're in my hands
                  G                     C
Juanita I'll find you, I'll find you again

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