Capo 5th Fret

Am x02210
G/B x20003
C x32010
Dm xx0231
Em 022000
F 133211
G 320033
EbM7 xx1333

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[Verse 1]
      Am  G/B  C
He wa ka mokemoke
       Am   G/B  C  
Tahuri ra ki te rapa
      Am    G/B  C   
Me ko wa noa te utu
    Am G/B  C
Takahia to ara
     Am    G/B   C 
He kupu te kitea mai
 Am  G/B   C
Kia marama ai
    Am    G/B   C
Te ata kei to mamae
      Am  G/B   C  
Kia manawatahi ai

C  Dm  Em      F   
..........Kua motu te here?
Te whakawhere?
Dm           C  Dm  Em
Te matihere?...........
Kia pau ra nga kupu
Te ha te tuku
Dm        G  
Te mateaone

C  Dm  Em   F   Em   Dm   C

[Verse 2]
            Am      G/B         C
I know sometimes we might feel lost
               Am         G/B         C 
But have you searched the lost and found?
    Am      G/B      C 
If time was what it cost
        Am     G/B    C  
Are we over spending ours?
          Am      G/B       C 
Couldn't find the words to say
        Am       G/B       C
Does it hurt when you explain?
             Am  G/B       C    
Is there a shadow in your pain?
          Am  G/B           C    
Maybe it hurts us all the same

C Dm  Em          F
.........Did we lose our connection?
Touch an affection?
 Dm                C  Dm  Em
Without intention?.............
Would you say every sentence?
Use every last breathe?
 Dm                G  
Find what we came for?

 C   Dm   Em     F  EbM7  Dm      
Some day we'll find where we belong
C Dm  Em  F EbM7 Dm C 
Toku whenua turaikura

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