“Wrecked” by Imagine Dragons Song Review

A Mellow Era?

Imagine Dragons has recently released a song called “Wrecked” – behind this mellow rhythm is also a sad song which talks about moving on from a beloved departed person that gave a big impact in an individual’s life.

Imagine Dragons has been known as a band with strong songs that gives confidence boost and inspiring messages to their listeners. But their new single has a solemn and sorrowful message that depicts a life that is full of joy and light when that person is around, but left earth and did a lot for another person that changed his or her whole life because of their guidance.

Hits Close To Home

Wrecked means wrecked from a feeling of having someone leaving you because of sickness in life. This will relate to many listeners or their fans that have lost their loved ones in life and left a huge gap of lessons and contribution to their lives.

The lyrics have taught that a person may be wrecked after that person has departed. The song has a mellow tune and kind of slow tempo too, which is new to Imagine Dragons. Also, the second voices of the band still speaks volume like angels, which has added to the impact of the message.

A Song Dedicated to His Sister-In-Law

Dan Reynolds has disclosed to the public that it is about his sister-in-law that passed away due to cancer. They have created this song dedicated to her because Dan said that her sister-in-law had given a huge impact on his life, together with his brother.

She was one of the persons that gave light to his life and helped him to push forward despite his struggles in life. He had also dedicated this because he wants her sister-in-law to have peace and express great gratitude for her. 

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