“The Rose Song” by Olivia Rodrigo Song Review

Earlier today, Olivia Rodrigo has just released a new single called “The Rose Song” for High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. It is a metaphor for an individual’s identity to a rose wherein beauty is not only seen on their outer appearance, but most especially with their personality and attitude.

Pain is Beauty

The song may have been sending about a pretty girl that only feels like she is a display partner for a relationship. She felt alone and imprisoned because of her lover’s standard that made her feel modified to whom she is not. The perspective was also in a dire state where she felt trapped in a controlling relationship.

Resist Feudal and Backward Relationships

The song is not just about grief of a trapped lover in a controlling relationship, but it gave an empowering message that she is more and is worth more than the point of view of her current partner. That she will not be stuck in a relationship that belittles her.

A New Taste from Olivia Rodrigo

Usually Olivia Rodrigo is straightforward with her lyrics and songs, but this one is full of metaphors that she compared a person to a rose, and portray that nobody is perfect and has flaws, but still lovable.

Learn how to play “The Rose Song” on guitar.

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