“Solar Power” by Lorde Song Review

After years of hiatus, Lorde has finally released her third studio album on June 2021 – “Solar Power” which was awaited by her thousands of fans. Solar Power is on its way to top of the charts after the artist has released it in the UK Chart Race.

We’re young, free, and queer!

Solar Power has gained a lot of attraction, especially in the LGBQT+ community, wherein memes have been booming around Twitter.

The song got a hippie-ambient type of tune that it manifests of summer time where girls are getting tanned under a semi-scorching heat of the sun, and that they do not care of their color or tan lines after.

A Midsommar-inspired MV

Lorde has a way of saying in her song that she is a “pretty girl” who just wants to have fun and forget all of her pain and conflicts in life.

Additionally, the line “I’m kinda like a prettier Jesus” seems like she has all the attention that a crowd could give. The music video also gave ‘Midsommar’ vibes, which is a movie where people are showing cultic activities.

The Great Comeback of Lorde

The song gives off a care-free vacation between teenage girls or gays that like to be quirky with their gender expression. Mostly the queer community also enjoyed the song after being released since they have waited for years for Lorde to release a song.

Overall, this still gives a cozy, cool, and a teasing tune that it offers to calm the listener’s nerves from all of their tasks for the day and take a day off. Also, with the album cover of Solar Power, it clearly shows the summer vibes being enjoyed by Lorde that she almost, or entirely showed off her butt that some of her fans jokingly said that they cannot buy a physical copy because their parents might catch them and its explicit display.

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