“Reckless” by Madison Beer Song Review

Knocking to Feel The Pain

Madison Beer’s song “Reckless” is here to knock on everyone’s heart to feel the pain through her song which is all about a partner that left her and cheated for a girl that he said not to worry about her.

According to Beer, she really wants everyone to listen to this and cry for the reason to trust their guts or instincts whenever their partner said that they have nothing to worry about that person because they are just friends. However, after the relationship, they are seen together with that certain person who has been around before the break up.

Words that Cut Like Knives

With Madison Beer’s lyrics:

“You might love her now, but you loved me first. Said you’d never hurt me, but here we are”

tackles on the current girlfriend of her ex partner that has left her, and she knew that he is really in love with her current girlfriend, but Beer still reiterates that he loved her first and deceived her to the fact that the current partner of her ex is just nobody when they are still together. Her ex partner has said that she will never hurt her, but he already did by cheating on her, with a person that she is jealous of, way back their relationship.

Never Mess With The Pretty Girl

Another details about the lyrics of Reckless is

“And she must be perfect, oh well

I hope you both go to hell”

that has a context of Madison Beer never been enough for her ex partner and concluding that her ex partner’s current girlfriend is prettier and way more perfect than her. Additionally, she wished that they will go to hell to let karma get them and let her ex partner feel grief and pain for the things that he did to Madison Beer.

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