“MAPA” by SB19 Song Review

One Worded Title but Full of Meanings

SB19’s song “MAPA” is one song that brought a lot of emotions to their listeners. “MAPA” is all about the parents who are far away from their children, that need to go abroad or somewhere far away to have a job and feed their kids.

This song talks about a family who are far away from each other but continues to be their guide, inspiration, and strength throughout their struggles in life. Even if they are apart, they did not stop from reminding themselves to take care and take a rest from all their labors.

Parents as Guide in Life

“MAPA” has two different meanings. First is when “Ma, Pa” was divided, it consists of the pet names called to the mothers and fathers in the Philippines. “Ma” is another term for mother, while “Pa” is also another term for father.

For the word “Mapa” – Mapa is a Tagalog word for “Map” which is a guide for places on where should an individual go. The song pictures the parents being “mapa” or being a map for their children even though they are far from each other. They continue to be their guide in life even if they are not physically present with their children.

Sacrifices and Struggles

The song portrayed a heartfelt love for the parents and greatly appreciates all the parents who are sacrificing to not be with their children, and need to earn funds just to respond to their children’s need.

The perspective of the song also came from a son or daughter that have their parents far away from them, and continues to be their inspiration.

They understood the sacrifices and struggles of their parents working far from them. With a hint of having a pop rock tune, the lyrics may be kind of sad, but it sends a strong message to the listeners. 

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