“Blouse” by Clairo Song Review

The Story Behind “Blouse”

After the release of Clairo’s album “Immunity” in 2019, she waved her comeback through the song “Blouse,” a clothing song that mirrors her personal experience about the uncomfortable moment she had with men in the workplace, specifically in the world of music.

“Why do I tell you how you feel

when you’re just looking down the blouse?

it’s something I wouldn’t say out loud

if touch could make them hear, then touch me now.”

She had raised her voice to be heard through a song reflecting how physical attraction raises in the crowd other than the inner aspects.

The “Blouse”

The song entitled “Blouse” is technically the most tender and heartfelt music sung by Clairo. It was accompanied by the guitar strum all throughout, which made it simple and sonically clean. Clairo’s angelic vocals valued the fashion of the song, which sees the importance of quality rather than quantity.

Furthermore, the depth of this song technically addresses a general issue about society, whereas, in this song, Clairo uses gentle delivery to express confidence as well revenge. On the other hand, the line “It’s something I wouldn’t say out loud” reveals her monologue about her inner self. However, this also marks an exciting spark which the fans will be waiting to be revealed in her upcoming album “Sling.”

The Singer

Clairo or Claire Elizabeth Cottrill, in real life, is a known American singer and songwriter. She gained popularity after the success of her lo-fi single “Pretty Girl” way back in 2017. She had her debut EP Diary in 2018 after she had subsequently signed a deal with Faber Label.

Clairo’s Future Project

Clairo has been cooking a sophomore album entitled “Sling,” which will be released on the 16th of July, 2021.

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