“Ain’t Got No Friends” by Conor Maynard Song Review

Imagine Bittersweet Taste of Life

Ain’t Got No Friends” has been recently released by Conor Maynard that has an upbeat and lively tune which talked about his unlucky life on his circle of friends and no one likes him as a company.

However, he has his loved one, or partner in a relationship that it is fine for him to have no friends, as long as his partner in a relationship is there. He does not need anyone, and it is fine with him that he is happy with his love life even without a job or friends in life.

Ride or Die

Even at his lowest point of the individual’s life, Conor Maynard conveyed to the song that whatever happens in someone’s life as long as he or she is with someone, everything is good. Whether they are poor or rich, nobody likes them, or have no job.

With this optimistic type of mindset may help someone who is low on life or have zero motivation, but may also lead to a possessive and controlling relationship which is very dependent on a certain individual. This may also have a meaning of a stagnant growth of a person in life and may not move forward.

Friendly Rhythm for a Kind of Lonely Song

The rhythm or beat of Conor Maynard’s song is really upbeat and has a friendly tune which is ironic for the message of the song. It contradicts the kind of lonely and sad story of his life, but has also tackled a ray of hope or sunshine to his personal life.

Moreover, it gives a vivid feeling that it feels like Maynard is inviting his listeners to sing along and dance with his new song.

Overall, it is a “positive vibes only” song that teaches his listeners that despite the shortcomings in life, an individual should be grateful that they still have their partners through their ups and downs in life.

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