Artist Placholder

Seventeen Going Under (Acoustic)

Capo: 1st fret
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IntroC......D7sus4...........Fadd9......Verse 1I reGmember the sickness was forever
I remFadd9ember snuff videos
Cold SeptGembers, the distances we covered
The fist fights on the Fadd9beach
The Bizzies round us up
Do it all again next wGeek
An embryonic love
The first time that it sFadd9carred
Embarrass yourself for someone
Crying like a chGild
And the boy who kicked Tom's head in
Still bugs meFadd9 now
That's the thing, it lingers
And claws you when you're doGwn..Fadd9......
Verse 2G..I was far too scar?d to hit him
But I would hit him in a heartbeatFadd9 now
That's the thing with ang?r, it begs to stick aroGund
So it can fleece you of your beauty
And leave you spent with nowt to Fadd9offer
Makes you hurt the ones who love youChorusYou hurt them like they're nGothin' (Oh-ooh-oh-oFadd9h-oh, oh-oh-oh)
You hurt them like they're nGothin' (Oh-ooh-oh-oFadd9h-oh, oh-oh-oh)
Verse 3G..See, I spent my teens enrAmaged, spirallin' in sFadd9ilence
And I armed myself with a grin
'Cause I was always the ******' jGoker
Buried in their hAmumour amongst the white noise andFadd9 boys' boys
Locker room talkin' lads' lads
Drenched in cheap drink and snGide ****
A mirrored picture of my Amold man
Oh God, the kid's a dabFadd9 hand
Canny chanter, but he looks sadChorusGod, the kid looks so sGad (Oh-ooh-oh-Fadd9oh-oh, oh-oh-oh)
Oh God, the kid looks Gso sad (Oh-ooh-oh-oFadd9h-oh, oh-oh-oh)BridgeShe said the dGebt, the debt, the debt
So I thought about shifting gear
And how sheFadd9 wept and wept and wept
Luck came and died 'round here
I see my mGother, the DWP see a number
She cries on the floor enFadd9cumberedChorusI'm seventeen goin' under
I'm seventeen goin' uGnder (Oh-ooh-oh-oFadd9h-oh, oh-oh-oh)
(Oh ooh oh oh Goh, oh-oh-oh)
(Oh ooh oh oFadd9h oh, oh-oh-oh)OutroG....Am.....Fadd9......

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